Walking and photographing the West Highland Way

West Highland Way


It has been a month since we completed the West Highland Way (WHW) and I am still buzzing with the experience. What a journey and what a country to explore by foot. We were extremely lucky with the weather - not one drop of rain for the 7 day hike, unheard of - and because we chose late in the season to walk the WHW there were no annoying travel companions following our route…. I’m talking about the Scottish midge of course. Because of this I feel rather guilty. I hear others who had to endure wind, rain and fog during the hike, missing many of the stunning views that are on offer and then having to supply blood to the millions of midges that swarm camp each evening. My pitiful complaints consisted of bringing too many warm / waterproof clothes and that some days were a bit too warm for walking… The hardship… 


I gave myself a target of capturing one photograph that I was happy with each day. Some days this was easy and the opportunity presented itself without so much as a sideways glance. Other days were a bit more tricky. The endless blue sky didn’t help with landscape photography. It might be nice to look at but for photography having a big blue sky without clouds creating any drama and harsh light on the land makes for a very emotionless photograph. I enjoyed the challenge of photography the ever changing landscape and the hiking that was involved. 


I do and will continue to recommend the WHW to everyone. It was such a fantastic experience and really the best way to see that part of Scotland.


If you are interested in walking part or all of the WHW check out this link.