Wednesday 6th of May 2015.

After long hours of youtube searches and viewing of these searches I have finally managed to create a store on my website and like a lot of things, once I got my head around it, very much trial and error, it came together quite easily. So easily in fact that I asked myself what else can I add to the website?... Yes, a blog.

The very thought of writing is scary and doesn't come naturally to me. Spelling, grammar, flow, all these will be terrible and I apologise. It was only a couple of sentences ago that I though ‘in fact’ was one word… 

I am planning on keeping these very short and are really just an outpouring (and this is one word…not two..) of plans, thoughts and findings all based around my photography. I will blog about places I have been and places I plan on going, sharing what I am hoping to achieve and capture when I get there. I will discuss equipment and my set-up for the journey and shoot. I will also share some of my workflow which will vary drastically from shoot to shoot just so you get an insight to my technique/chaotic preparation. 

I am very aware that I don’t have a specific style, maybe because I am still learning about the photographic process or maybe because I like lots of different styles. Hopefully this blog will help explain and make clear, mainly to myself, why I choose various styles by capturing my thoughts and my feelings when out on a shoot. It might be that I am heavily influenced by other photographers or artists that I have viewed recently (Mirjam Appelhof). Maybe it is down to the music I’m listening to (Steve Reich - Phases), the book I’m reading (In America, Travels with John Steinbeck by Greet Mak) or something like the traffic whilst driving to a location. Who knows?

Lets see what happens.